I am a big fan of different body sizes and I generally do not go for looks. Looks are obviously a plus but for me, the three main attraction points are: Voice, arms and wearing those builder pants. And yes in that order! Honestly, id make jokes about my body! I do pride myself in […]

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No, No, No.

I have been very quiet lately on this, truth is I have been on loads of dates but I just wasn’t feeling it at this moment. I don’t feel like having the test drives anymore. I was kind of seeing a fella who I adored! But he ended up being the biggest prick alive. I […]

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Bloody Monday!

Liam, what a godlike creature he was! Oh man, I turned into a giggly schoolgirl every time he looked my way! But I also looked like a fecking troll each time I met him! All my friends would call me an walking accident, I just kind of end up in unfortunate situations and end up […]

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The Nelson.

I can not believe I totally forgot about Nelson, Nelson was a 23-year-old, in love with CrossFit. Whatever the F that is. He is from that sweet old tinder. We did not stop texting for a solid 48 hours and decided to meet for a drink. Fantastic, we went to the place I always bring […]

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You’re beautiful.

Sometimes you are listening to a song and it brings back a memory. A memory that clearly deserves to be told. I was listening to James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (Hench, I came up with this original title for this blog post). The memory is when I was just newly single and out drinking with […]

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Fairy tales.

  I pride myself in being one of those rare creatures that would not make drama, I think honesty is everything. I don’t aim to have just test drives, I like to see where we can take something. But if all your up for is just a test drive then at least have the decency, […]

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Remembering the past.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and started thinking, is it only in the new dating era I seem to be so unlucky or was that the same in my past? All the men or boys I have been with in my lifetime happens mostly through being friends first and I am glad and proud to […]

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