Fairy tales.

  I pride myself in being one of those rare creatures that would not make drama, I think honesty is everything. I don’t aim to have just test drives, I like to see where we can take something. But if all your up for is just a test drive then at least have the decency, […]

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Remembering the past.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and started thinking, is it only in the new dating era I seem to be so unlucky or was that the same in my past? All the men or boys I have been with in my lifetime happens mostly through being friends first and I am glad and proud to […]

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Moo, I am a cow!

I should learn to listen to my inner alarm bells. They were working overtime like a prostitute in Amsterdam during stag party season! The good old fabulous tinder brought this fine specimen on my radar, he was tall, dark and handsome. The kind of way that would tickle any girls fanny. We agreed to meet […]

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Mr. Proper

Oh boy, this next guy though! So at this rate in life, in my mid-twenties, I had a rep of picking the wrong men. Like, the bad boys! My friends told me I should aim to go on date with a proper man and go out of my comfort zone. So sure we take the […]

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Who’s the man?

Got to thank my bestie to hook me up with this man.¬†Thanks, girl, sound!¬† Drunkenly stumbling around town, together with my bestie who I had not seen in a while. We all know how well mayor catch-ups end, absolutely dying under the shower with a bucket between your legs! She ends up chatting away to […]

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Mama said.

I probably end up using some lyrics as a header as who does not love a good tune?! The lyrics from Mama said is quite fitting for the next date I went on. When mama said that is was okay Mama said that is was quite alright – Lukas Graham So we matched on (drumroll, […]

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Facial hair is all the rage at this moment. It looks good but if it’s not maintained properly it freaks me out. I am traumatized. I said to him; “Hey Mister, I’m sorry if I stare, there’s just something special about that facial hair”. The Bandettes – The Beard Song lyrics Sean was a lovely […]

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